Introduction to the Members of the Table Family

download (19)We all know how supportive this piece of furniture is. Although there is a huge variety of tables available, they all share one thing in common, which is, a flat, horizontal surface. When we use the word table, the first thing that we can imagine of is a surface to eat on or to work on. But on a bigger picture, tables nowadays are made for various purposes too, like for Drafting, for playing tennis, Billiards or 8-ball pool.

Another important feature is its height. Some tables add to their awesomeness by making it very simple to expand and reduce their size as and when needed, with the help of drop leaves or folding leaves.

Apart from serving the major purposes like being a dining surface to eat food on, a coffee table to serve refreshments on and a bedside table to place the alarm clock or mobile phone on, there are various types that are classified on the following factors:

  • Having top surfaces of different shapes, like rectangular, square, round.
  • The number of legs it has, and whether the legs are foldable or not.
  • Varying height of the table, the most common being the one that is 18-30 inches tall.
  • Presence or absence of drawers and shelves to support a good amount of storage.
  • Expandable surface using leaves.

So, take a look at the common types, designed for specific purposes:

    1. Coffee: This one is, a low at height, designed to be kept in front of the sofa to add to the decor of the living room manifold. They help in stacking the magazines, books and some decorative objects. Made of any material, be it wood or metal, these can also support storage if designed to have some drawers or shelves. The amount of conviviality and completeness, a coffee table brings in your home, makes it an important piece of furniture.


    1. Dining: This table is responsible for bringing people together, not to just share meals, but to share heart-to-heart conversations and the camaraderie with our family and friends, that gets missing due to our busy life schedules. Also, being large, these they tend to be the focal point of our dining room and define our sense of style too!


    1. Drop Leaf Style: With a fixed section in the center and the hinged sections on the either side of that center section, these types are ultimate space savers. You can very conveniently fold up the leaves to add the extra space to the table when more people are joining for the dinner, and can unfold it back to its original position if the floor-space has to be taken care of.


    1. End: The most underestimated types are the end tables, which are mostly used to hold the decorative lamps or family pictures, sitting beside the couches or armchairs. They can hold your cup of coffee to make you feel the most comfortable, while you read that interesting novel.


    1. Folding: Found in various sizes, configurations and designs, these tables have legs that fold up against the table top. This quality makes them very easily portable and light-weight. You can very easily open up the table and use it whenever needed, and then fold it back to make the room look clutter-free.


    1. Gate-leg: The only difference between a drop leaf and a gate-leg style is that the leaves are supported by the fold-able legs, unlike the drop leaf table where the brackets supported leaves. The legs can be folded back with the hinged leaves, when not in use.


    1. Poker: Often covered with a green-Teflon baize, these tables are particularly designed to play cards on them. They are oval-shaped, with the dealer sitting on one side and the players on the other side, covering the table. The edge is raised to let the arms of the players rest, thus making a game more comfortable.


    1. Trestle: A horizontal wooden piece, standing between the two legs to support the table top in the strongest way possible, is the key feature of this style. They form a stronger frame which makes them find their use in the weddings or as classroom tables.


    1. TV Tray: Small, portable, collapsible type of furniture that is used to be a dining surface only when the person wants to watch television along with eating food. These are used in the airplane to facilitate as the eating surface for the passengers. Nowadays these are mostly made of plastic and used as a surface to iron clothes on.


  1. Wine: Wine table or a ‘Gentleman’s Social Table’ is used to hold the wine and the glasses in the party, to prevent them from falling off and breaking. Although, these are not much in use, some wine tables had wheels to make it easy to pass the party snacks around.

Those were some members of the table family, but there are more styles that came into existence afterward.